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I have been trying different products over the course of a month. There is yet to be one product i like over another. While i must say that Bintube is one of the top ones though. I like the fact that everything is indexed on a website, this makes searching faster without having to download articles, but this makes searching limited as well.

My suggestion is to improve the search. This should be easy to roll out as its server side. Basically improve the layout of the site.

Just to compare it took me 5 or 6 searches to search and refine to find all the articles i needed for a file. Where in newsleecher it took me 1 search.

Now i am not saying the search needs to be built in to the program, although if it makes it to program then it doesn't matter.

I love the fact that bintube will check before though if you have all the files thats awesome.

If you take a look at newsleechers program and use the supersearch you will see what i mean. BTW i am using v4 beta. It would be cool to even list the all the files in collection just but dropping it down instead of having to open a new page (this may even save bandwidth if using ajax).

Add more filter options, you have max age of post, why not min age too. Also size you should be able to do the same, min and max. Have a list of groups to choose from as well and be able to manually type one in.

Also condense the searches. It should only be one line for each result. Either add a drop down box or add more columns to view more info.

There also needs to be a feature to sort.

When all is said and done i should be able to view all the information i need from the search results instead of having to click and open a new page.

I know this is a long post/review, but i think this program can be great. Its simple to use, just make the search simple to use now and you got yourself the best product out there.

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    I previously also use Newsleecher and BinTube seach interface has a lot of potential to improve!

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